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Retirement Done Right

Retirement Done Right

When it comes to planning for your retirement, you want the best of the best. At Bridgewright, we offer proprietary tools that go beyond the common retirement planning software used by many of our competitors. The transition from saving money to creating income can be a challenging and stressful time for most people. We will help you make sure that your plan is sustainable and efficient.

We will review your annual expenses and determine when will be the best time for you to retire comfortably. Additionally, we will help you decide when to begin collecting social security and pension money as we build an income plan to be used during your retirement. Of course, as we create your retirement plan, we will fully consider any of your retirement investments that we don’t hold as well.

It’s About More Than the Day You Retire
There’s a lot that happens leading up to your first day of retirement. Below, we’ve clearly identified the three phases of retirement planning that we will help you through.

Preparing for Retirement
This stage is all about accumulating assets and starting to imagine what you’d like retirement to look like for you. How much money will you have to put away to get there? We’re prepared to help you develop a strategy that maximizes both plans offered by your employer and accounts held with us.

Nearing Retirement
About five years before you'd like to retire, we will start evaluating your current risk and liabilities. You may discover that you need to start scaling that back as you think about where your income will come from during retirement. We can help by evaluating your potential monthly and annual expenses with you.

This final phase focuses on the distribution of the money you’ve saved in preparation for retirement. We will help you decide where to take money from and how to do so to receive the income you need.