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How We Work

You're investing in companies - not simply stocks.

When you begin understanding your investments this way and internalizing this truth, price fluctuations become less stressful.

No one should be invested more aggressively than they need to be.

Investing is not a “one size fits all” process. An effective investment strategy should fit your needs, your lifestyle and your personal risk tolerance.

The investments that we keep you out of may be more important than those we invest your money into.

Many investments that see rapid growth also see sudden crashes. Our goal is to invest your money safely and sustainably, with your long-term goals in mind.

There is no period of history in which the financial markets have been free of worry or trouble.

When you think, “it’s never been this bad,” you’re overlooking the disruptions and downturns of the past.

When it comes to investing, we believe that time and research are more powerful than timing.

Wealth gained quickly can sometimes be lost just as quickly. We strive to help you grow wealth gradually, safely and sustainably.

Investment decisions based on emotion are more likely to cost money than to make money.

We work to protect you from misinformation, unwise advice and emotional impulses, like fear and greed. Creating a plan that helps you avoid these pitfalls is more valuable than any investment we could find.

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